Park Mission

Human rights history, island ecology, peace culture


Martial law was declared by the Kuomitang regime on 19 May 1949 and went into effect the next day. It was the law of the land until 15 July 1987 38 years of rule by White Terror, where people lost their lives and property, and were deprived of their rights and freedom.

This is a memorial park commemorating the suffering of the people under the long period of martial law. More than showing the history of human rights, it is also concerned with ecological consciousness.

Based on the historical truth of the people’s pursuit of democracy and freedom, the park makes use of museum activities collection, research, exhibition, communication with the public, and interpretation to manage the historical relics of the political prisons operated during the era of the White Terror, to interpret and research Taiwan’s modern history, to promote human rights and environmental education, to enhance the human rights consciousness of our fellow citizens, and to further peace culture exchange internationally.

When it comes to the means by which democracy is protected, all citizens must be aware that they can become human rights workers, caring about the existence of our environment and striving to create a more beautiful future.

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