[Guide Tour] About The Island


Rock Slope, which archeological investigation has proven is a prehistoric site. 

Southern end of Kongkuan Village 
When approaching west to east, the entrance to the park is through Kongkuan Village, on the southern edge of which are cultivated fields showing the legacy of scattered rubble of archeological digs. 

Human Rights Memorial Park 
Human Rights Monument opened on 10 December 1999. President Lee Teng-hui was the first to represent the government in offering the victims an official apology. 

Coastal Patrol Office dormitory 
Within the quarters of the Coast Patrol Office is the rock inscribed with the slogan “Living in peace, alert to danger.” The walls of pulverized coral were built by the New Life inmates. 

Three Peak Crag and General’s Rock 
General’s Rock and Three Peak Crag are conspicuous  signposts marking the entry to the park. (photo by Liu Chen-hsiang, provided by Taiwan Art-in Design Company)

“Exterminate the communists, restore the nation.”  

The political propaganda slogan, “Exterminate the communists, restore the nation.” 

 Elephant Trunk Rock 
Opposite the front gate of the Ministry of National Defense 
Green Island Reform and Instructional Prison is Elephant Trunk Rock. Also known by the prisoners as “Devil’s Gate,” anyone going to and from the New Life Correction Center had to pass by it. 

Oasis Villa Rock 

The Rock inscribed with the characters mOasis Villa” in front of Oasis Villa, constructed in the 1970s. 

Ministry of National Defense  Green Island Reform and Instructional Prison (Oasis Villa) 

Panoramic view. 

Main entrance and Visitors’ Receiving Area where inmates met with relatives. 

Chushan Bridge, leading to the Visitors’ Receiving Area. 

Mottled political propaganda slogan on the inner face of the northern wall : “Be firm against communism and ready to win.” 

Interior, northern side of the exercise yard.
Southern side of the exercise yard, It was here that Lin Ta-san, an inmate from Taichung who was serving a life sentence in the 1950s, lost his life to a landslide caused by heavy rain. 
Inmate cells in the Bakua Building. Ministry of Justice had rebuilt parts of the doors and floors of the detention cells and the tiles of the washing area before 2002. Oasis Villa was  restored completely in 2002, but the rebuilt parts by Ministry of Justice are kept. 

New Life Correction Center 
Bird’s eye view (photo by Chen Min-ming, provided by Taiwan Art-in Design Company) 
The ecosystem of the rock bearing the slogan “Our Exile, Never Forgotten” deserves close inspection. The slogan invokes the historical lessons of an event that took place 2300 years ago on the Chinese mainland, where the military and the people combined forces to restore the Qi Kingdom to power. The inscription was repainted in 2007. 

New Life Correction Center, early period. Of the wall made of reef rock, pulverized  on the shore by the inmates, only about 60 meters remain, about one-and-a-half times the height of a person. 

Canteen and photography section relic at the New Life Correction Center. This  photo was taken after the 2007 restoration. 

The Kenan “Roughing It” Shed after its renovation in 2007.

Third Brigade: In 1954, domestic and foreign journalists visited New Life Correction Center and took the picture from Szuwei Peak. (provided by CNA) 

The slogan “Beneath Szuwei Peak” still remains from the days of the New Life Correction Center. 

In 1985 the Tzuhang Temple was constructed by the Third Training Squad of the Green Island Command Unit, for use by the Training Squad officers and troops. 

The red-tiled complex was the Green Island Vocational Training Center (“Chingteh Villa”), which pulled out of Green Island on 31 December 2002. 

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