Uongu Yatauyonganaw and Loshin Wadan

Of the Tsou tribe in the Mt. Ali area, Uongu Yatauyongana (Chinese name Kao Yi-sheng) was the first to receive a modern advanced education. The Mt. Ali Township mayor, he promoted indigenous self-rule. Loshin Wadan (Chinese name Lin Jui-chang), the first of the Atayal tribe trained in modern medicine, worked as a medical doctor during the Japanese colonial period, while after the war he was a Provincial Assemblyman promoting return of the aboriginal lands to their own control and demanding self-rule. Dedicated to improvement of the circumstances of aboriginal life, it was he who guaranteed the loan for Uongu’s Hsinmei Farm. 

The two were set up on the pretext of a meeting, were arrested and charged with participating in a seditious group, the Formosan People’s Liberation Organization, and were among six people executed on 17 April 1954, including also Tang Shou-jen, Wang Ching-shan, Fang Yi-chung, and Kao Tse-chao.

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