Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 5

Foreign dignitaries visiting the camp stand beside the Liuma Gulley reservoir. A weir was constructed at the Liuma Gulley to bring water into the reservoir, which was generally used as a bathing pool for the inmates, but also served as a pool for swimming competitions during athletic meets. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1956)

Green Island Park, built by inmates in the Liuma Gulley valley. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1953)

This gazebo is the innermost pavilion on the Liuma Gulley Trail. In 1996, the gazebo and trail were submerged after the construction of the Chou-Chin Reservoir. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1953)

Looking northward from Amei Hill, the vegetable fields of the Fifth Squadron are seen in this photo. In the fields were grown not only vegetables for daily human consumption, but also sweet potatoes for hog feed. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1957) 

A bird’s eye view of the inmates’ exercise yard. Numerous white lines of powdered lime can be seen. With the exception of short dashes, field events outnumbered track events in competitions because the field didn’t conform to regulatory standards. (courtesy of Wang Chun-chang, ca. 1961)

This view of the New Life Correction Center was photographed from about five kilometers to the north. The protruding peak in the middle of the photo is Amei Hill. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1958)


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