Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 7

In the early days of the New Life Correction Center, there were only the three squadron buildings built by a construction company that had come from Kaohsiung. Prisoners who came later were put to work cutting wood in the mountains and breaking up reef rocks by the shore. Using reef rock blocks, they built the Kenan “Roughing It” Shed. (sketch by Chen Meng-ho)

On 18 June 1959 superiors came on an inspection tour of the New Life Correction Center, leaving behind this propaganda picture of the New Lifers attending class.

(provided by CNA) 

The New Life Correction Center concentration camp held seven athletic meets, in which nearly all of the participants were male. The meets were planned by the prisoners. (provided by Wang Chun-chang)

Inmate Yang Lao-chao, who excelled at oil painting, did a portrait of himself at work hanging from the mountain face at New Life Correction Center, carving into the rock the words: “Loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, love, trust, righteousness, harmony, equality.” (provided by Yang Lau-chao)


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