Overseas friends: James Bond-like covert rescue operations

Lynn Miles currently lives in Longtan, Taiwan. In 2006, Miles described the rescue process in an interview.

In the 1970s, covert underground rescue methods began to appear that were instigated by individuals. Numerous foreign nationals, including students, musicians, housewives and journalists, passed on information on Taiwan’s human rights situation in a sporadic manner, mainly regarding freedom of speech and the press, as well as the release of political prisoners. 

In 1978, Rosemary Haddon (left) and Linda Gail Arrigo often helped Chen Chu smuggle human rights materials out of Taiwan. Here they are with Chang Mei-chen and Chen Chu at the home of Chang Chun-hong in Nantou. (Picture provided by Rosemary Haddon.)

Miyake Kiyoko from Japan and Lynn Miles from the US maintained the chief underground information network. They issued news overseas, contacted human rights workers in Taiwan such as Dr. Tien Chao-ming, Hsieh Hsiu-mei (sister of Roger Hsieh), Kuo Yu-hsin’s secretary Chen Chu and foreign human rights volunteers such as Rosemary Haddon, Dennis Engbarth, and Linda Gail Arrigo, and set up liaison channels with overseas Taiwanese associations and human rights groups. 


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