[Story] Chang Chi-teh, Chang Pi-kun, Chang Pi-chiang

Chang Pi-kun’s student photo. (provided by Chang Ying-chueh, digital reproduction by Taiwan Art-in Design Company) 

The Chang Ying-chueh family suffered deeply during the period of the White Terror. The elder brother, Chang Pi-kun, was a fugitive from arrest in connection with the Student Work Committee Case, and after his capture was sentenced to death as part of the Yeh Cheng-sung Case. For having provided money to his son, the father, Chang Chi-teh was sentenced to ten years for “harboring a rebel” (he was 60 when he went to prison). Brother number two, Chang Pi-chiang, was sentenced to 12 years in the student committee case, and upon completion of sentence was sent to the labor camp on Siao Liuciou. Cousin Tsai Hsi-chang, distant relative Li Ching-hsi, and brother-in-law Lu Hsi-pin were given various punishments ranging from re-education to detention, for having helped the elder brother with a place to stay or money while he was in hiding. For “having failed to report a bandit spy,” Lu Hsi-pin was sentenced to two years and six months’ imprisonment, after which he was sent to do special labor for the Kinmen Commandos. Other victims of the White Terror were also sent to do hard labor on the front lines. 

Chang Chi-teh family portrait, before calamity struck. (provided by Chang Ying-chueh, reproduced by Ronald Tsao)

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