[Story] Female Squadron

There were several dozen females among the political inmates moved to Green Island on 17 May 1951. They included the famous dancer Tsai Jui-yueh (No. 15) and the wife of Lan Ming-ku, Lan Chang Ah-tung (No. 32). Those in the Female Squadron were called by their numbers. About twenty women were sent to Green Island in January 1953, by which time the numbers had already run past 80. After that, with the prisoners introduced from Nanjih Island in China, the female population exceeded one hundred. The women mainly attended political instruction classes, while also carrying water from Liuma Ditch to the vegetable garden, the tending of which was the responsibility of the Sixth Squadron. In November 1954 the Female Squadron was transferred to the Panchiao Production Education and Experiment Center.

Propaganda picture showing the outdoor activities in Female Squadron (photo by Chen Meng-ho)


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