[Story] Hsieh Kui-fang, Hsieh Kui-lin

Left: Hsieh Kui-fang ; Right: Hsieh Kui-lin (provided by Kuo Kun-ming)

Kungkuan resident Tien Fen-lai says, “ My strongest memory out of all the family visitors is that of a dainty mother from Fengshan, who was crying most miserably. She had two sons, the eldest of which, a doctor, Hsieh Kui-lin, was executed in Taiwan. The second oldest, Hsieh Kui-fang, was a student at Taiwan Provincial Taichung Agricultural College (now Chunghsing University). While locked up at Green Island he died of cancer, and his body was laid together with the Thirteenth Squadron, at Swallow Cave not far from the beach to the east. Once his family arrived, he was cremated. The measure of her grief can be imagined, as the mother arrived after such an arduous journey by train and boat.


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