[Story] Lan Ming-ku, Lan Chang Ah-tung

Lan Ming-ku. (provided by Lan Yun-juo, photographed by Ronald Tsao) 

When interviewed on 29 March 2006, Lan Ming-ku’s widow, Lan Chang Ah-tung, 93, talked about how she was given over to another family to raise not long after she was born. She was fond of reading, and opposed the system of adopting a “daughter” as a future daughter-in-law. She accompanied a close friend to a matrimonial match-making session, and thereby met Lan Ming-ku, later marrying him. At the time of the February 28 Incident Lan Ming-ku went into hiding for half a year, after which he returned to Keelung Middle School to teach. In the summer of 1949, school principal Chung Hau-tung and a number of teachers were arrested, so Lan Ming-ku returned to Kaohsiung to hide. The authorities arrested Lan Chang Ah-tung and members of Lan Ming-ku’s family to force him out of hiding. He was executed on 29 April 1951, while Lan Chang Ah-tung was sent to the Women’s Squadron at Green Island. When she returned home and saw Lan Ming-ku’s picture on the mantel, she resolved to raise her two children by herself.

 Lan Chang Ah-tung. (provided by Lan Yun-juo, photographed by Ronald Tsao)

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