[Story] Wang Chun-chang

Lan Chang Ah-tung (right) and Lan Ming-ku’s student, Wang Chun-chang (left). 

Wang Chun-chang helped his teacher Lan Ming-ku translate Lu Xun’s Home town into Japanese. Says Wang Chun-chang: “We were watched very strictly at Green Island, with men and women kept separate and not allowed to talk with each other. But I could see Teacher’s Wife through the barbed wire that separated Squadron Five and Squadron Six. Using money that my family had sent me I bought canteen chits, wrapped them up and secretly sent them to Teacher’s Wife, so that at the very least she could go to the canteen and buy daily necessities. Later I was investigated for this, and was put in solitary for a week. But the squadron leader was looking out for me, and he knew that I, only 20 at the time, was just looking out for my teacher’s wife, and for me to be making love talk was quite impossible, so he resolved the matter for me.

Wang Chun-chang (provided by Wang Chun-chang)

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