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All these articles are derived from the Guide Book published in 2007 summer.

Memorial Parks and Sites - Potential World Cultural Heritage

Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park bears witness to real human rights abuses that took place in the Asian islands of the Western Pacific during the Cold War era of the 20th century. Taiwan also represents an unusually long-running martial law period. Now it represents the successful third wave of democratization in the second half of the 20th century, one which saw Taiwan become a model for emerging democratic nations. This has great significance for the development of democratic civilizations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Robben Island, South Africa.

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Ministry of National Defense Green Island Reform and Reeducation Prison (Oasis Villa) 1972-1987

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Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 9

The commonplace Silvery Messer schmidia is soft yet keeps its shape, so the inmates often used it to fabricate diving goggles. Because the shape of the face is unique to each individual, the shape of each pair of goggles had to be made to fit. Quite a few pairs were made by a number of New Lifers, who were able to find materials ready to hand and could painstakingly fashion them, whereupon they could find the chance to surreptitiously go diving to catch fish and shells. (produced by Auyang Wen,reproduced by Taiwan Art-in Design Company) 

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Let the Photos tell the Story — Part 8

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Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 7

In the early days of the New Life Correction Center, there were only the three squadron buildings built by a construction company that had come from Kaohsiung. Prisoners who came later were put to work cutting wood in the mountains and breaking up reef rocks by the shore. Using reef rock blocks, they built the Kenan “Roughing It” Shed. (sketch by Chen Meng-ho) Continue reading

Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 6

Purchasing chits printed by the New Life Correction Center in 1954. (provided by Yang cheng-wu) Continue reading

Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 4

A team of consultants from the US Army visits Green Island for an inspection tour. Yao Sheng-chi, the camp’s director, accompanies a representative from the consultant team, inspecting the camp personnel and the condition of the inmates. (Central News Agency, 1954) 

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