Let The Photos Tell the Story — Part 2

Political prisoners undergoing “thought reform” frequently had to be “reviewed.” In this photo, they are gathered on a beach to take an “exam.” The seats were spaced quite far apart from each other. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1960s)

The inmates often had to do hard labor while stripped down to the waist. This scene, showing them wearing tidy apparel as they leave their quarters, was prearranged by officials for propaganda. (Central News Agency, 1954)

KMT party affairs officials pose for photos in front of the Revolution Gate during a visit to Green Island’s New Life Correction Center. They chose to stand here because they were members of the KMT’s Revolutionary Committee. (courtesy of Tang Yen-ni)

Inmates doing afternoon calisthenics on the beach in front of their quarters for propaganda photo. (Central News Agency, 1954)

Officers and enlisted soldiers pose before the Chiang Kai-shek statue on the thoroughfare outside the camp’s western gate to mark the completion of the camp’s construction. (photo by Chen Meng-ho, 1960s)

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