Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 4

A team of consultants from the US Army visits Green Island for an inspection tour. Yao Sheng-chi, the camp’s director, accompanies a representative from the consultant team, inspecting the camp personnel and the condition of the inmates. (Central News Agency, 1954) 

The New Life Correction Center’s military trucks were one of two modes of conveyance on Green Island at the time. The other was the Jeep. (courtesy of Tang Yen-ni, 1956)

The female inmates of the New Life Correction Center’s Women’s Squad play volleyball in an open space by their barracks. This is a propaganda photo. (Central News Agency, 1954)

The political prisoners made use of so-called “Overcoming Adversity Sheds,” built of fossilized coral rocks, as grain stores, tool sheds, hog pens, chicken coops, or combined office space and kitchen/dining storage space for the food purchasing committee. From top to bottom are the Overcoming Adversity Sheds of the First, Second and Third Brigades. (courtesy of Tang Yen-ni, ca. 1953)

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