Let the Photos Tell the Story — Part 6

Purchasing chits printed by the New Life Correction Center in 1954. (provided by Yang cheng-wu)

New Lifers attending pigs (provided by Tang Yen-ni)

Foreign visitors inspect the New Life Correction Center. The more obstreperous of the prisoners were first isolated before the visitors’ arrival, while the others were warned, “Unless you first get permission, you are not allowed to chat with the foreign visitors.” (provided by Tang Yen-ni)

Amusement activities were also one of the methods used for thought reform, always having to accord with the consciousness of the officials.(provided by Wu Shui-teng) 


News lifers performing a folk dance to promote the government order “375 Rent Reduction” (provided by CNA) 

New Lifers and their vegetable garden (provided by Tang Yen-ni)


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